Ultra HD 15W40

SHPD Oil for High Performance Automotive NA / Turbo-Charged Engines – SCHNELL Ultra HD 15W40 automotive Engine Oil is a synthetic blend SHPD (Special High Performance Diesel) engine oil with a specially designed additive formulation, developed specifically for modern high performance NA and turbo-charged gasoline and diesel engines; whether your engine is on or off highway. Multimax’s special formulation will protect your engine, giving you enhanced performance and reduced maintenance cost. Appropriate for use in mix fleet of both gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Specifications – ACEA A3 /B3 /B4 / E7; API SL /CI-4; Volvo VDS-3; MTU Type 2; Global DHD-1; Jaso DH-1; Allison C-4; CAT ECF-1/2; Cummins CES 20071 / -72/-75 / -76 / -77/ -78; Renault RLD-2; Deutz DOC III-05; Rat 955535-G2 /D2;; Mack EO-M; Plus /EO-N;; MAN M 3275-1; MB 228.3 /229.1; MTU Type Z Renault RLD-2; Volvo VDS-3