Truck Master SAE 10W-40

HC-Synthetic Low Ash Engine Oil for Commercial Vehicles – High-quality fuel-economy multi-grade motor oil of the UHPD class based on Hydrocrack Basestocks and designed for extended drain intervals. Specifically developed for the latest particle filter systems of utility vehicles, for use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Truck Master’s special formulation will protect your engine, giving you enhanced performance, minimises wear and reduced maintenance cost.

Specifications – API CK-4; ACEA E6, E7,E9; Caterpillar ECF- 1 a; Deutz DOC IV-10 LA; MAN M 3477, M 3271-1;
MB-Approval 228.51; MTU Type 3.1; Renault VI RLD-2, RXD, RGD; Volvo VDS-3, CNG