Longlife Coolant 437 PURPLE EDITION

Concentrate Coolant and Corrosion Inhibitor -A premium quality, ethylene glycol based anti-freeze coolant and corrosion inhibitor concentrate, designed primarily to meet the stringent corrosion protection requirements of modern car engines which have significant amount of aluminium in their construction.

Specifications -ASTM D 3306 ID 4656 ID 4985; AFNOR NF R15-601; AS 2108; BS 6580; CUNA NC 956-16; FFV Heft R443; J/S K 2234; NATOS 759; SAE J 1034; UNE 26361-88; VW TL 774 F (612+); Chrysler MS 9176; Cummines 85T8-2 I 90T8-4; Ford WS S -M97B44-D I ESE M97B49-A I ESD M97 B49-A; GM 1899 MI US 6277 M /Open GM QL130100; John Deere H24B1 /C1; Mack014GS 17004; Leyland Trucks LTS 22AF 10; MAN 324 SNF 1248/B&W D 36 5600; MB 325.3; Renault 41.01.001; Scania TB 1451