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Schnell Performance Motorcycle lubricants are produced in Germany to the highest quality standards. Our use of state of the art synthetic technology and our proprietary blend of synthetic additives brings out a superior performance of your engine & offers excellent wear protection and cleanliness. The result is lower fuel consumption and a cleaner engine.

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8% Improved Fuel Economy

*Result may vary according to different riding styles & road traffic conditions

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Schnell Motorrad
Ultra SAE 5W-60

Racing Spec 4 cycle oil developed for high HP & High RPM Racing  & Performance Bikes

Article No: 900.110.68

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Schnell Motorrad
HD SAE 15W-50

High Performance SAE 15W-40 4T Engine Oil Developed with Schnell Synthetic Technology

Article No: 500.110.68

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Schnell Motorrad
Lite SAE 10W-40

Racing Spec 4 cycle oil developed for high HP & High RPM & Performance Bikes

Article No: 800.110.68

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Schnell Motorrad
Mineral SAE 20W-50

Premium Quality Mineral 4 Cycle Engine Oil

Article No: 300.110.68

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Schnell Motorrad
Max SAE 10W-50

Street Performance 4 cycle oil developed for high HP and High RPM Street and Performance Bikes

Article No: 700.110.68

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Schnell 2T

Mineral Based Engine Oil

Article No: 200.110.68

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Schnell Motorrad
Plus SAE 15W-50

Fully Synthetic 4 cycle oil developed for all High Performance motorcycle engines

Article No: 600.110.68