Schnell Motor Flush

Schnell Injector Fuel Treatment

Schnell Motor Treatment

8% Improved Fuel Economy

*Result may vary according to different riding styles & road traffic conditions


Schnell Motor Flush


Cleans inside of the engine. Uses on poor engine compression.

• Highly recommended to gasoline and diesel automobiles 

• Excellent engine cleaner  

• Optimum reliability


Schnell Injector Fuel Treatment


Cleans fuel system completely from tank to combustion chamber. Prevents contaminated deposits caused by fuel. Protects engine parts from corrosion and guarantees an excellent performance even in winter.

• Safeguard the injector

• Optimum use of energy

• Quiet running

• Cleans injectors

• Improves carbon dioxide values

• Binds condensed water


Schnell Motor Treatment


• Improve high temperature oil film stability in engine 

• Breakthrough in friction reduction technology, extra smooth engine & silky refinement

• Coats all engine internals, forms super slippery surface resulting in increased horsepower & torque 

• Minimise & Stop oil consumption 

• Prevents corrosions and sludge  build-up